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V-Day Video Round-Up!

February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day! If you’re not currently one half of a lovey-dovey couple, you might be feeling a little left out. So this edition of video round-up is just for you! I’ve put together some of the worst best most awesomely bad emo break up songs from my iTunes library. Consider this fuel for your next cryptic Facebook status or Livejournal entry. You’re welcome.

5. If you were on Myspace 6 years ago, you may have noticed teenybopper girls (ahem, not me) posting the line, “Your Love is My Heart Disease” to their profiles. Meet the source of that quote:

4. Mayday Parade shows us that boys cry too. Even over women of questionable repute.

3. This list wouldn’t be complete without some “WHOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAA”

2. Motion City Soundtrack gives a great suggestion for the broken hearted:

1. Of course, My Chemical Romance tops the list. A tip of the hat for the attempt at symbolism.

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