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HELP: Looking for writers, photographers & content creators!

January 29, 2011


BigColour (pic kinda related)

Dear Friends,

I love writing this blog, but I don’t want it to be “my blog” anymore. Our music scene is far too awesome for one person to cover it part-time. We gotta take it to the next level.

So, I need your help.

I’m looking for a team of folks who can create interesting content for a DIY blog about our local (ish) music scene (think: Girl at the Show 2.0). This content includes (but is not limited to) reports on live shows, photographs, music reviews, short articles, cultural essays, sassy rants, and random thoughts.

I’m open to anyone who possesses the following:

1) love of music

2) strong writing skills

3) ability to laugh at one’s self

Ideal candidates include:

Aspiring journalists, writers & cultural critics, aspiring music industry moguls, music snobs, vinyl fanatics, hipsters, hipster haters, coffee shop junkies, fanboys, fangirls, undergrads, grad students, liberal arts kids, wannabe liberal arts kids, social media nerds, post-modernists, bloggers, people who read SPIN, people who hate SPIN, etc.

If I just described you, I want to hear from you! Send an email of introduction to

Please RT and re-post!



(The original Girl at the Show)

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