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Oh My God–They’re Back! (12/3)

November 29, 2010

On Friday Dec. 3, Oh My God return to the Black Sparrow for the penultimate show of their fall tour. If you follow the blog, this name should sound familiar: I interviewed Ig (organ) in August and covered their kickass September show. This Chicago alt-rock group decided Lafayette was so hip they had to come back again.

Their previous high energy show at the Sparrow is hard to forget–Billy O’Neal (vox/bass) has a lovable/eccentric stage presence that leads the performance and engrosses the crowd. Ig’s organ work gives a funky drive to the sound, making this group stand out from others in their “genre.” Soundwise, they’ve been described as “schizophreni[c]” “funk-disco-soul” and “glam-pop” (among other descriptors). It’s art rock you can have over for a beer.

Oh My God has also gained attention for their music videos. And not just the one with Tila Tequila. The video for “Bring Yourself” (directed by Dan Bigelow) was recently nominated for Best Music Video at the Midwest Independent Film Festival.

But my favorite Oh My God music video is actually an excerpt from a Giuseppe Andrews film:

I have to admit–I’m really looking forward to this show because now I know enough of their lyrics to throw down a good sing along. (Apologies in advance to those sitting around me).

So if you want to see something funky, fun, and out-of-the-ordinary, come to the Black Sparrow this Friday at 10 pm!

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