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4 Music-Inspired Costumes for Halloween

October 27, 2010

Ah, Halloween! Depending on your age, it’s a time to dress up in scary costumes and eat candy. Or it’s  a time to sex-ify any mundane costume and bar crawl til you hug the sidewalk.

Here are some music-inspired costumes I expect to see roaming America’s streets/bars this weekend:

Lady Gaga

Mama Monster is thought to be the most popular inspiration for this year’s Halloween goers. And given the fabulous ensembles Purdue students put together for her concert last year, we are likely to see even more Lady Gagas come Halloween.  You can buy Gaga-inspired goods from Hot Topic, Walmart–even Gaga’s own online costume store! With as many wild looks as she’s rocked (meat dress, anyone?), there should be no worries about being “another Gaga” at the party.


Mikey Way in full killjoy gear

If you run into a group of masked trick-or-treaters waving neon  guns, don’t panic. They’re not delinquents–they’re killjoys. Killjoys are fictional characters from the story behind My Chemical Romance’s forthcoming album, Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys. MCR’s foray into transmedia storytelling has inspired killjoy gangs all over the world. These post-apocalyptic outlaws can also be identified by fingerless gloves, neon hair, goggles, and leather jackets. Still doesn’t make sense? Watch the video or search #killjoys on twitter. Bonus: MCR’s official site is offering free printable masks.

Antoine Dodson

He’s no R. Kelly or Usher, but Antoine Dodson is the voice behind one of 2010’s most popular internet memes–and a Billboard chart hit! The Gregory Brothers remixed Dodson’s interview with a Georgia news station to create the famed “Bed Intruder Song.”  It reached no. 89 on the Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart for the week of August 20th. And now Antoine Dodson is claimed as the “Most Wanted Costume of 2010“(?)! Fortunately, Know Your Meme already planned out the look for you! Bonus:  You can get a matching costume for your pet!

Justin Bieber

He’s a tween sensation, and one of the easiest costumes for dudes. Just  swoop your hair to the front of your face, sip on some helium, and watch the ladies fall for your boyish charms. If you want to be totally legit, you can buy a specialized Justin Bieber wig here. And if you want some more spunk, you can throw on hipster specs and go as Bieber’s rap alter-ego: Shawty Mane.


Oh god...

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