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No Hay Banda @ Hunter’s Pub (Lafayette)

September 21, 2010

Remember that Purdue Exponent op-ed I mentioned a few weeks ago? Believe it or not, the guy that wrote the piece is a guitarist in a local band. And believe it or not, his band is worth a listen!

I saw Natty Morrison perform in the local electro-rock quartet, No Hay Banda, last Saturday night at Hunter’s Pub Down Under. Hunter’s Pub is, quite literally, down under. It occupies the basement of a pretty non-descript building. I would have missed it entirely, were it not for the music spilling out of its basement windows.

No Hay Banda played to a full house of upperclassmen and a few wedding party escapees. They had many friends in the audience–not at all surprising given that 3 of the 4 members currently attend Purdue. What is surprising is the fact that they’ve played together for less than a year. They come across as a cohesive group, even with each member totally engrossed in their instrument on stage. Together they produced a provocative blend of punky dance rhythms, funky guitar solos and  catchy synth melodies. To me, they sound like electro-shoegaze’s pluckier cousin. Save a few vocals on songs here and there, they’re mostly an instrumental set. But be warned, they’re not just a “chill out” band– several people around me got caught up in the jamming.

Overall, No Hay Banda is a great live band if you want music to dance to. If you attend one of their shows, you might be able to grab a free CD. Until then, you can have a listen at their Myspace page:

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