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Perspectives from the Scene: Josh Short

August 24, 2010

If you know anything about Indy’s underground music scene, you should know about the Tibbs House. That’s where  Basement Shows hosts much of the unsigned talent in Indianapolis. In fact, the Tibbs House is hosting  Our Scene DOES Suck Fest this Saturday,  4:00-11:00 pm. Josh Short, the man behind Basement Shows, was kind enough to answer some questions about the venue and offer his thoughts on the local music scene.

Who are you?

My Name is Josh Short. I live in the Tibbs House with Alesha (my soon to be wife), and my other 4 roommates. Corey, Kirby, Dave, and JJ.

What is your involvement in the Indianapolis music scene? How did you become involved?

I do vocals for the band Cadences. I have been in numerous other bands such as The Life Mirage, Zin-Carla, I’m John Wayne, and When hope fades. Corey (my room-mate/bassplayer) plays bass for Cadences, Ishia, Summon the Destroyer, and Christ Beheaded. Dave (other roommate) is ex-vocalist of The Contortionist, and is in the band Ishia. We all became involved the same way. By Playing and Writing Music, and trying to get it out there and heard by people.

How did Basement Shows get started? And is the Tibbs House actually someone’s home? (Because that would be pretty badass.)

The Tibbs House started from a simple idea one day, when i was just attending a normal band practice. I looked to the left and saw a pile of sound proofing my drummer (blake) had obtained for very cheap… I suddenly got the idea of using all the sound proofing and sealing up my huge basement, and using it to throw underground shows for fun, and for the pure sake of keeping the music scene alive by giving bands another place to play in Indy. Eventually, after taking donations to attend shows, we used the money to buy better equipment, and to build a stage, and lights. There has been well over a thousand dollars invested in it in the last month alone…And yes, The Tibbs house is primarily a home. We just like to get a lot of people together to listen to some music a few times a month.

How would you describe the Indianapolis music scene?

The Indianapolis music scene is great. There are so many great bands and so much heart. However, lately, a lot of venues have been shutting down, and a lot of people have becomed focused on money, and a good amount of really good bands are struggling due to these factors. We do not believe in making bands pay to play. Any band has at least one chance at our venue.

What is the most challenging part of being an unsigned band in Indianapolis?

The most challenging part of being unsigned, is gettin your music heard. There are so many people in this world, and to get your music heard is the biggest obstacle. Then there is the gear issue, because some really good bands just cant afford good gear and instruments. Lastly, finding shows. A lot of bands are not experienced or able to find available shows. Being signed typically takes care of most or all of these issues.

Can you tell me about Our Scene Does Suck Fest?

I did not set up our scene does suck fest. Joey Gaylor is actually the man with the plan. But basically, we are just promoting the importance of keeping the scene alive and trying to lower the arrogance that many people and bands have in the scene.

Where do you see the scene headed in 5 years?

I feel like in 5 Years There will be more and more unsigned talent and even more venues opened up. In all honesty, it could go either way.

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