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Blood On The Dance Floor Dun Goof’d!

July 25, 2010

If you’ve been hanging around the interwebs lately, you’ve probably heard about the Jessi Slaughter incident/meme/phenomenon. I’m not going to explain it, as it is neatly summarized here:

I’ll admit it– I laughed ’til I cried over the “Backtraced It” remix (3 times in a row).

But I do sympathize with her. Yes, it was stupid to post those videos, but the resulting 4chan attack, hacking, and harassment really went over the line. Plus, where were her parents when she was doing all this? And how can you teach your kids cyber safety if you don’t even understand the Internet? I mean, “backtraced it”? Cyber police? Really?

Anyway, my major disappointment lies with Blood On The Dance Floor and their parody video. It’s funny until you realize they’re making fun of one of their own fans–an 11-year-old girl–who got into this mess partly because she liked them so much. (See the links above.)

Making fun of your 11-year-old fan’s suffering is NOT cool. Especially through a viral video. And with such atrocious music, they’ll need to hang on to all the fans they can. The “scene” won’t last forever, kids.


Girl At The Show

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