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Darkroom & The Transatlantic @ Greyhouse (West Lafayette, IN)

July 24, 2010

Lightning and rain could not dampen spirits at last night’s show. Darkroom and The Transatlantic each played energetic, memorable sets, making them my favorite pairing so far in the Greyhouse concert series.

The Transatlantic, a friendly quartet from Springfield, IL, kicked things off on the outdoor stage.  They played their own version of upbeat indie rock, with soaring vocals and the most zealous drummer I’ve seen in a while. (And I mean that in an awesome way.) They interacted well with the crowd, encouraging us to fill in the “no man’s land” in front of the stage.  A couple of us even got our dance on.

But mid-set, the band looked up in awe at the sky. Above us was a roiling mess of the blackest clouds I had EVER seen in my life. Kirk (lead vox/guitar) declared, “We’re all going to die.” Regardless, they played one more song, after which everyone rushed inside to escape the lightning. I got distracted in the midst of it all and forgot to pick up their CD. Way to be lame, mother nature.

Fortunately, Greyhouse folks decided that the show must go on. Darkroom began setting up inside.

Darkroom is a Northern Indiana quartet that’s received favorable reviews. They played a dreamy, cinematic brand of indie pop with some shoe gaze undertones. It was hard not to be drawn in by the fervent performance and expressive vocals. Their set seemed to fly by–I was disappointed when they announced they only had a couple songs left.

All in all, it was great show despite the rain. Check out the links below to have a listen for yourself.

Side note: As you can tell by the photos, I’ve been playing around with my camera settings. Bear with me, I’m learning.


Girl At The Show


Darkroom on MySpace:

The Transatlantic on MySpace:


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