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Matthew Leone, You’ll Be Amazed by Your Fans

July 19, 2010

Pro Tip: Don’t mess with musicians–you’ll have to deal with their fans.

The endless flow of support for Madina Lake Bassist, Matthew Leone, drives this point home. And today, tickets go on sale for his benefit concert in Chicago next month.

Matthew was viciously beaten near his Chicago home on June 29th when he tried to stop a man beating his wife. Matthew suffered broken bones and head trauma so severe that doctors had to remove a third of his skull to accommodate the swelling. While he has been released from the hospital, he was not in good enough condition to undergo surgery this past weekend. You can find more details about the incident here, here, and here.

Matthew (left) & his brother/band mate, Nathan (right). Nathan's blog has been the primary source for updates on Matthew's condition.

Online comments on the story range from sadness to cynicism, as people have labeled Matthew as both a hero and a fool for intervening. While I would have kept my distance, I still think Matthew deserves highest respect for what he did. Sometimes you can be so moved to help someone that you forget about yourself. But I digress.

A swift outpouring of support followed news of the attack. To date, over 4000 fans and supporters have joined the Facebook group “Get well soon Matthew Leone, you’re a hero. ♥”  And over 3500 more have joined “Pray for Matthew Leone of Madina Lake” In between admiration and well-wishes for the musician, fans discuss creating scrapbooks, collages, and bracelets to show support.

Fan power has also raised nearly $20,000 to cover Matthew’s medical bills. He’ll need it—and much more—as the musician has no health insurance. Sweet Relief Musicians Fund has spear headed the fundraising campaign in conjunction with Through the Pain (TTP). TTP is the official website/promoter of auctions, donations, and other fundraising efforts for Matthew.

Most notably, TTP is organizing a 2-day benefit show in Chicago next month at Double Door (8/21) and the Hard Rock Hotel ballroom (8/22). Kill Hannah, AM Taxi, The Fold, David Costa, The Lifeline, The Love Hammers, Scott Lucas of Local H, Makeshift Prodigy, and The Frantic will grace the stage over two nights to raise money for Leone. And to top it all off, Madina Lake (sans Matthew) will play an acoustic set. Tickets go on sale today.

It’s terribly inspiring to see so many people, famous and not, come together to support someone. Especially since Madina Lake is a band that “saves lives,” so to speak.

One man who’s probably not feeling as inspired is Justin Pivec, the 33-year-old business manager charged with beating Matthew.


There’s already a hate group for him on Facebook, and the sentiment likely spreads farther than the group’s 90 members. By now, nearly every Madina fan should have found Pivec’s photo, phone number, email, and work history. Thanks, Internet! I recommend that Pivec invest in a bodyguard when he gets out of jail.

If Pivec wants an idea of what’s to come, he should read up on the My Chemical Romance food poisoning incident of 2007. In that case, food poisoning was enough to inspire death threats. Gulp.

So Totally Screwed

But violence does not end violence. If you want to truly make a difference, please check out the links below.


Girl At The Show


***Donate directly to Matthew’s recovery here***:

Buy tickets for the benefit concert here:

Through the Pain:

Nathan Leone’s blog:

Madina Lake:

Sweet Relief Musicians Fund:

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